Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing helps to improve the structural strength of a tree to help lower the risk of any failure due to the the tree having multiple stems, heavy long limbs, and V shaped crotches.

Cables are installed in the upper crown area of the tree to help reduce the amount of natural movement by the limbs, so that breakage is less likely during stormy conditions.

Bracing systems are installed in the weakest parts of the tree, such as in areas where there are multiple stems, or where branches have become weak. These are installed so that the tree sturdier, therefore making it less likely to twist and break in inclement weather.

Cabling and bracing can greatly improve the health and safety of your trees, but must only be done by a highly trained arborist. Potter's Tree Healthcare can provide you with a complete assessment of your trees and recommend the most effective cabling and bracing methods for your situation. 

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